The Placebo Effect

Two Overlooked Ways In Which Seniors Can Benefit From Physiotherapy

21 April

As years pass by, the human body will begin to experience various changes. Unfortunately, these changes will often result in chronic pain, loss of mobility, and a sour disposition, particularly among senior citizens. If you’re a senior who has been dealing with one of the previously mentioned health concerns, you need not suffer in silence. […]

How Physiotherapy Helps With Stress Relief

07 March

Physical therapy is primarily concerned with the wellness of your physical body, such as muscles and bones. However, its benefits extend well beyond your physical self. For example, different forms of physiotherapy can help you to relieve stress. The physiotherapeutic techniques that help relieve stress include: Exercises for Good Breathing Techniques According to the American […]

Four Tips For Better Massages

22 January

If you’re going to treat your partner or a friend to a massage, you probably want to do as effective of a job as possible. In order to improve your massage technique (and ensure your friend or partner has a completely indulgent experience), follow these tips. Start gently. Immediately digging into cold muscles with firm […]

Why You Should Encourage A Drunk Employee To Seek Medical Treatment

23 November

You probably know the signs of intoxication, such as red, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and the smell of alcohol on the person’s breath. However, the last place that you probably plan to deal with this type of behavior is when you’re at work. If you are in a management position, it is critical for you […]

3 Things Your Pharmacist Wants You To Know

07 October

Most people never think of their pharmacist as being someone more than the person who provides them with their prescriptions. They assume they just fill the prescription based on what it says. However, pharmacists are much more than that. To help you better understand what a pharmacist can do and who they are, explore a […]

Options For Dealing With Toenail Fungus

15 August

If one of your toenails is discolored, painful, or coming loose, you might have a fungal infection. Just like you get athlete’s foot between your toes, you can get a fungal infection underneath your toenail. When the nail is infected, it can take a long time to get rid of the fungus. That’s because your […]

3 Tips to Help Your Child’s Hearing Aids Survive the Summer

23 July

It can be difficult convincing your child to keep his or her hearing aids on during the cold weather months, but in the summer, it is almost impossible. With your child constantly on the go and looking for adventure, his or hearing aids can be left poolside or be damaged. Here are some tips to […]

Handy Tips To Making The Right Selection Of Eyeglasses

24 June

Purchasing glasses for the first time is not simply about buying the first frames that you come across. Although they need to be functional, they are also a fashion accessory and, as such, need to complement your features. Here are a few handy tips on making the most of your purchase when it comes to […]

Ocular Hypertension: Causes and Treatment

01 June

When your intraocular pressure is higher than normal, it is called ocular hypertension, a condition that can cause glaucoma or vision loss. It has no outward signs, but can be diagnosed by an eye-care professional with a simple test. What Causes Ocular Hypertension? Ocular hypertension is 15 times more likely to strike than the most […]

3 Ways To Overcome Weak Jawbone When Getting A Dental Replacement

21 May

Dental replacement options vary widely in fit, stability, and cost. But a common factor is that most dental replacements require a strong jawbone for support. This is particularly true of dental implants. If your bone is weak or decayed due to health problems or decay, you might think your replacement options are limited. There are […]