Compounding Pharmacies: Two Frequent Questions You May Want Addressed

Compounding Pharmacies: Two Frequent Questions You May Want Addressed

02 March

When you become ill, there are many different medications that your doctor can prescribe to you, and you will usually go to a traditional pharmacy to obtain these medications. However, there will be times when your doctor will refer you to a compounding pharmacy. Unfortunately, many patients do not have much experience getting medications from these providers, and this may lead them to having some questions that they need answered. 

Why Do People Still Need To use Compounding Pharmacies?

Many patients may be somewhat shocked when they are referred to these professionals. However, there are many good reasons why your physician sent you to these providers. For example, individuals that have rare conditions or require specialty medication may not be able to get it from traditional pharmacies. Often, these drugs may no longer be manufactured, and when this is the case, a compounding pharmacy is the only solution. 

In addition to needing medications that are no longer being produced, these pharmacies can also provide medication at almost any dosage. This is particularly useful for parents with small children that are ill. Mass-produced medications may not have dosages that are safe for infants and small children, but a compounding pharmacy, like Pratt’s Compounding Pharmacy, will be able to adjust the strength of the medication for any patient’s needs. 

How Long Will You Wait For The Prescription To Be Filled?

Modern life can be extremely busy, and most people do not have the time to spend waiting at the pharmacy. Unfortunately, compounding pharmacies do take longer to fill orders than traditional pharmacies. This stems from the fact that many of these medications are made by hand, and there is no way to safely expedite this process. 

Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to spend a long time waiting for your order to be completed. When using a compound pharmacy, many doctors will have no problem faxing or calling the order into the pharmacy. This will allow them to go ahead and start working on it long before you arrive. This simple courtesy can help ensure that your day does not have to be any more difficult or stressful than necessary. 

Getting the right medications can be the difference between a speedy recovery or a lengthy and painful one. Unfortunately, there are many medications that can not be obtained from traditional pharmacies. Fortunately, a compounding pharmacy can solve this problem by having highly skilled professionals make the medication by hand. If you are needing a prescription filled by these professionals, understanding these commonly asked questions and answers may help you better understand what to expect and why you need these professionals. 

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