Painful Feet When Walking: A Likely Cause & How It Can Be Treated

Painful Feet When Walking: A Likely Cause & How It Can Be Treated

07 April

Do you experience excessive foot pain when you are walking? You may be suffering from a medical condition that is known as plantar fasciitis and may require treatment by a specialist before the pain will go away. In this article, learn about plantar fasciitis and what can be done to treat the symptoms.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis can occur when the area of tissue between your heel and toes called the plantar fascia gets strained. The strain can cause the ligament of plantar fascia to become inflamed, which can make it difficult for you to walk without feeling a lot of pain. Some of the symptoms may include swelling and weakness in the affected foot. The arch of your foot can also weaken when the plantar fascia is in poor condition.

You may have developed the condition naturally with age. It is also possible that you developed plantar fasciitis from spending too much time walking or running. The excessive amount of time spent on your feet may have led to torn plantar fascia ligaments. Being overweight can also increase the risk of torn ligaments. It is important for you to undergo an examination by a physician so he or she can determine the best method of treatment based on the severity of the condition.

Can Plantar Fasciitis Be Treated without Undergoing Surgery?

It is possible for plantar fasciitis to be treated without surgery in some cases. For instance, a physician may recommend that you give your feet some rest and refer you to a physical therapist to massage and stretch your toes and feet. However, it is likely that your physician will have you wear orthotics for pain relief.

Orthotics are special shoes that are able to align your feet in a way that reduces the amount of pressure on the plantar fascia. The orthotics can be customized for your specific condition to provide a cushion for extra support in areas of your feet that are giving you the most pain. The special shoes can give you arch support, as well as improve how well you are able to balance.

Although wearing orthotics can give you some relief of plantar fasciitis pain, it may be necessary to undergo surgery to repair torn ligaments. A physician can give you an x-ray to get to the root of the problem. Make an appointment with a specialist to find out if wearing orthotics is right for you!

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